Core Analyst - Performance in Motion
Running in the sea is great for your hip flexors!

Core Analyst Ltd. is a provider of video analysis for runners, specialising in providing low cost all-angles slow motion videos for groups and individuals, taken at the athletics track, grass field or wherever you normally train.

Whether you are a road runner, triathlete, sprinter, footballer or rugby player, running for fitness or competition, the way you run is dictated by the same set of muscles and the same laws of physics. You put in a lot of hard work to achieve your fitness, but often that hard won energy leaks away into poor movement, causing at best reduced performance, at worst recurring injury.

Slow motion video of a runner from all angles

Understanding the way your body moves provides a firm foundation for improvement, whether it turns out to be simple correction or specific conditioning, helping you to run faster with fewer injuries. Seeing faults in your gait often complements the identification of static weakness and tightness in your muscles which your trainer or physical therapist may have noticed.

In order to be able to bring these benefits to as many people as possible, we have developed a unique protocol and software which allows us to video up to 15 people in a single session, and provide each with an all angles slow motion video with reference points and markers, while keeping the cost per person as low as possible.